An electronic principal trading firm.


What we do.

Nine Mile Financial is an electronic principal trading firm, focused on market making and arbitrage opportunities globally. Technology is at the forefront of our business, powering Nine Mile’s unified global trading platform and the micro-decisions required for our successful trading.

Nine Mile's scale and efficiency allow us to be nimble, responding quickly to market opportunities and regulatory changes, whilst ensuring that we operate under a robust operational risk management framework.

At our heart, it's our people that power Nine Mile, its strategy, technology & relationships. We are proud to have a team of highly motivated, intelligent individuals that strive to solve complex problems through creative sophisticated technology, in an open meritocratic environment.   Work with us.


Our Focus.


Specialising in highly automated market making & arbitrage opportunities, Nine Mile continuously provides quotes across various exchanges and asset classes, to profit from price discrepancies.


Behind the success of Nine Mile is our people and the technology they create. Connecting to major markets globally through a data fabric that allows for seamless and unlimited scale at speed.


Data, Big or Fast, our sophisticated proprietary models use this to power fast, accurate algorithmic trading and risk decisions. 

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